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"Analysis of urine specimens may be the most commonly performed laboratory test in medicine today, but it is prone to significant sources of error."

The KOVA® Urinalysis System includes everything the lab needs to standardize critical steps from sample collection to centrifugation, decanting and resuspension of sediment, slide preparation, and quality control. Why is this relevant to you?

  • Between 32% and 75% of all testing errors in urinalysis occur in the preanalytical phase*.  Proper collection, transportation, and handling of urine specimens are important to avoid contamination, or deterioration of constituents.  The secure fit of the KOVA Tubes and Caps prevent spillage during specimen collection, transportation, and handling, minimizing biohazardous exposure as well as reducing the risk of aerosol contamination during centrifugation.
  • The unique KOVA Petters assure volume consistent sediment collection and suspension with one-step, contamination-free decanting.

  • The precision manufactured KOVA Glasstic Slides feature specially designed wells for precise volume control, as well counting grids, eliminating variables that commonly interfere with microscopic analysis. slide-grid-detail-pop-out
  • KOVA Stain is a modified Sternheimer-Malbin stain that provides higher contrast for rapid and accurate identification of urinary sediment particles.

  • To assure the proper daily QC of macroscopic, microscopic, and chemical analysis of your patient’s urine specimens KOVA offers KOVA-Trol and KOVA Liqua-Trol, urine-based controls that simulate both normal and abnormal levels of key analytes, as well as microscopics for sediment analysis.
  • The KOVA® Urinalysis System conforms to CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) and (CLSI) Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute Guidelines.

This is where the complete KOVA® Urinalysis System differentiates itself from conventional urinalysis products. Ask if your laboratory uses the KOVA® Urinalysis System to assure better results.

(*) Bonini P, Plebani M, Ceriotti F, et al. Errors in laboratory medicine. Clin Chem. 2002;48(5):691-698.

Urinalysis Quality Control

Instituting a Quality Assurance program in urinalysis is important to assure accurate and reproducible results.

An internal quality control program can be established using KOVA-Trol to check the performance and reactivity of the lab’s urine chemistry test strips, as well as to monitor any changes occurring in the microscopic sediment analysis. This is accomplished by plotting the reported numbers of KOVA-Trol simulated leukocytes on a day-to-day basis.

If after establishing the mean value and standard deviation limits, a shift is observed; the sources of error can be identified and corrected. Technician variation is eliminated due to the standardization of each step of the KOVA procedure.