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Analysis of urine specimens is the most commonly performed laboratory test in medicine today. Urine can be evaluated for:

  • Physical Properties – Cloudy, red, or reddish-brown may mean that you have blood, pus, or kidney stones in your urine. Particular odors such as a maple syrup, rotting fish, or a mousy smell can indicate certain diseases.
  • Chemical Properties – Reagent strips (specially treated strips of paper) or dipsticks can provide information on the acidity of your urine and whether it contains blood, protein, or sugar.
  • Microscopic Properties – Can show bacteria, red or white blood cells, and tumor cells in the urine when evaluated under a microscope.

Urinalysis is used to screen for kidney infections, stones, or disease, diabetes mellitus, metabolic diseases, liver problems, hypertension, liver disease, urinary tract infection, lupus, congestive heart failure, cancer, muscle breakdown, blood in the urine, and various other related conditions.

KOVA® International developed the KOVA® Urinalysis System, which consists of specially designed tubes, caps, decanters, slides, stains and QC products to standardize the critical steps from sample collection to analysis in the lab. The KOVA® Urinalysis System reduces significant sources of error, assuring that the doctor gets more dependable results to support your diagnosis and treatment. Ask if your laboratory uses the KOVA® Urinalysis System to assure better results.

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Urinalysis Quality Control

KOVA represents 35 Years of Innovation and Quality in Urinalysis. KOVA's Quality Assurance program in production and manufacturing helps to assure accurate and reproducible results.

KOVA maintains the highest quality management system standards and guidelines and is committed to manufacturing only the highest quality products.