Column Workstations

Product Description

Twenty-eight place vacuum-assisted workstations are available to accommodate a wide range of work loads. Each workstation accepts Biochemical Diagnostics' extraction columns. Our Universal Adaptor enables the use of any column or syringe barrel fitted with a standard tapered male luer fitting. Workstations may be used individually for low column users such as stat toxicology labs or in series for higher volume users such as methadone maintenance programs where thousands of samples may be processed daily. The workstation model is designed to minimize cross contamination and sample mix-up and is resistant to most of the commonly used laboratory reagents and solvents.

Each workstation consists of the following:
  1. A vacuum box.
  2. A column mounting plate, designed to enable eluates to drip directly into the vacuum box for disposal, or into tubes for collection without making contact with sources of contamination such as the plate or tubing.
  3. A vacuum control manifold which includes a vacuum adjustment valve, gauge, and hose nipple. The 28 place workstation hose nipple requires a 3/8" i.d. vacuum tube.

Elution racks, manufactured in twenty-eight place sizes, are available in configurations to hold small disposable glass tubes or 50 mL plastic tubes.

Specific features include:
  1. Designed for gravity elution outside of the vacuum box.
  2. To help prevent sample mix up racks are “keyed” to fit their respective column mounting plates in only one direction.

Ordering Information

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Catalog # Product Description
1402000-1 Work Station, 28 place, includes 1402000-5 and 1402000-7
1402000-5 Vacuum Box, Stainless Steel, 28 place
1402000-7 Column Mounting Plate, 28 place with vacuum manifold, gauge, and vacuum control. Fits on 28 place Elution Rack holding 12 x 75 mm length tubes.For longer elution tubes order Height Adjustable Standoffs (Cat. #1402001-0)
1401000-1 Column Mounting Plate, 28 place (without vacuum assembly)
1402001-0 Height Adjustable Standoffs, set of 4. For use with 1402000-7 or 1402000-1 to accommodate 85 mm to 100 mm length disposable tubes.
1402000-6 Plugs for Column Mounting Plate, pkg. of 30
1402002-1 Replacement Gasket for 28 place Column Mounting Plate
1402001-6 Replacement Gauge, for 28 place work station (does not include vacuum control)
1402001-2 Vacuum Control Assembly, for 28 place (include vacuum manifold, gauge, thread adaptor and shut-off valve)
1402101-8 Elution Rack, 28 place, for 12 mm and 13 mm O.D. elution tubes
1402102-5 Elution Rack, 28 place, for 15 mm and 16 mm O.D. elution tubes
1402111-1 Universal Adaptor, enables the use of any column with a standard male luer fitting, pkg. of 30
1402000-8 Plugs for Universal Adaptor, pkg. of 30 (for use with 1402111-1)
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