Gast Laboratory Pumps


The GAST PUMP is a 1/3 Horsepower, oil-less, twin cylinder, rocking piston vacuum pump producing 28” HG maximum vacuum and 5.5 CFM open flow. The pump will handle the 28 or 48 place fully loaded vacuum box with Detectabuse extraction columns.Pump comes fully assembled with Filter Assembly and Muffler included.

Each Gast Pump consists of the following:
  • Filter Assembly, including housing and filter cartridge
  • Muffler

Replacement Mufflers and Filter Assembly are available.

Ordering Information

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Catalog # Product Description
35008055 GAST PUMP, 1/3 HP oil-less,  includes 35008059 Muffler and 35008060 Filter Assembly
Workstation Components:
35008059 Replacement Muffler for Gast Pump
35008060 Replacement Filter Assembly (including housing and filter cartridge)

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