KOVA® System Pac II

Product Description

Complete urinalysis kit for up to 400 determinations. Package contains:

  • 400 − KOVA® Super Tubes − a 12mL graduated non-sterile disposable centrifuge tube manufactured of high-quality, break-resistant clear plastic and marked in 1-mL increments.
  • 400 − KOVA® Petters − a disposable plastic transfer pipette that features a unique lock for one-step, contamination-free decanting, retaining 1.0mL of urine after centrifugation.
  • 100 − KOVA® Slide II − a slide with four optically clear chambers.

Product Breakdowns
Part No. Description Contents Availability
87155 KOVA® System Pac II -- US Only
87155/E KOVA® System Pac II -- International
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